Contact the Diggers Hotline before you dig.

Don’t dig up more than you bargained for! A call to 811 connects you with the Nebraska One-Call Notification System where you can request the location of underground facilities. Nebraska law requires that everyone planning to excavate (or otherwise disturb the ground) must first call the state one-call notification center at least two business days, but not more than 10 days, before the work is scheduled to start. Except in emergencies, Locate Request made after 5:00 pm Central Time, or on weekends and holidays, will not be dispatched until 7:00 am the next business day. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is a free call.

To contact Digger’s Hotline call 8-1-1, or toll free 1-800-331-5666. You can also access the Diggers Hotline website at

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