Landline Telephone Service for your Home

Unlimited local calling, a crystal clear connection and calling features that add convenience. Benefit from local, long distance and Internet service, billed on one convenient statement. Phone lines are $17.95/mo (taxes and surcharges are additional)

Hamilton Bundles

For more information on Bundle pricing, click here.

Long Distance Plans

Offering an affordable rate of 13 cents/minute with no monthly fees. Bundle packages offer 500 minutes of free long distance for residential service.

Inside Wire Protection

Enroll in Hamilton’s Inside Wire Protection Plan and regular maintenance and repair of telephone wiring inside your home will be done at no additional charge. There is a service charge for upgrading wiring to accommodate digital service. Get Inside Wire Protection for only $1.00/month.

Telephone Service for Business

Available for any size company. Reliable and affordable communications service for business.

Business Phone Systems

Dedicated trained technicians setup and configure your phone system to fit your business’ needs. Click for more information.