Summer interns with John Nelson.June 6, 2018, Aurora, Neb. — Hamilton Telecommunications, a local technology and telecommunications company has expanded its workforce by five with the addition of several local students working in summer internships within the company.

Hamilton is proud to announce and welcome Jacob Ediger, Paige Faber, Sydney Shaw, Zachary Oblender, and Isaac Askey as Hamilton interns. Each of these interns is a current student pursuing a post-secondary education degree and has returned home to work over their summer break. These students were hired for a position that best matches their field of study and interest and are working in the areas of programming, sales and marketing; bid writing; and business office support.

“We are pleased to welcome each of these interns to Hamilton,” said John Nelson, CEO of Hamilton Telecommunications. “Each of these students has demonstrated hard work and success in their studies, as well as their extracurricular and volunteer activities and we look forward to engaging them in the work we have here.”

As part of their internship, they will be working closely with Hamilton employees who will help guide them throughout their time with the company. The goal for the interns is to expose them to day-to-day activities in the fields in which they are studying to give them a broad overview of the company and a feel for what a career in their area of study looks like.

“These internships give students the opportunity see that they don’t have to live in a big city to have a rewarding career in their field of study and give us the opportunity to engage and bring talented young individuals back to our community,” Nelson said. “We have had many students over the years who started working as an intern with us in college over summer and holiday breaks, and then found a full time career with us after they graduated.”

Hamilton has applied to participate in the InterNE Department of Economic Development program. InternNE provides grants for businesses to offer internships and connects college students and employers from across the state, providing a unique opportunity for them to co‐invest in the future. Applications for InternNE are pending.

“While Internships are critical to help our young people enhance their professional skillsets and explore future ambitions, they also play a vital role in molding the next generation of business and community leaders,” said Dave Rippe, Director of Nebraska Department of Economic Development. “We applaud the efforts of Hamilton Telecommunications in taking an active role in the development of our state’s future leaders.”

Over the past few years, Hamilton has had more than a dozen interns and remains committed to offering an internship program that benefits the student, the company and the community.

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.