May 15, 2017, Aurora, Neb. — Local technology and telecommunications company Hamilton Telecommunications announced that it is expanding its fiber network to serve all of its subscribers within the Hamilton Telephone local exchange in Hamilton County and the surrounding areas with direct fiber optic connections. The company is currently implementing plans to deliver fiber to the home for customers in the communities and rural areas of Aurora, Hampton, Giltner, Marquette, Hordville, Stockham, Phillips, Doniphan and Trumbull. The company has already begun the project to transition 100% of its customer base to fiber.

An early adopter of fiber optic technology, Hamilton began burying fiber to connect its offices in 1982. Over the course of the next thirty-five years, Hamilton continued to invest in its fiber infrastructure, bringing fiber closer to the home step by step and offering direct connections to businesses, as needed. Upon completion of a multi-year project which placed fiber cabinets within three miles of every customer, the company began looking toward the next and final step toward having an all fiber network.

“We know that the growing ‘Internet of Things’, including smart home and farming technologies, has greatly increased the need for more broadband. Fiber-to-the-home broadband is the highest standard of Internet service and will dramatically increase the reliability, speeds and services our customers can receive,” said John Nelson, President of Hamilton Telecommunications.

“Our communities are great places for our residents to live, work and play, and we want to ensure that they have access to the best connectivity to Internet, video, managed wi-fi services and more,” said Dan Molliconi, Chief Operating Officer of Telecom and Technology at Hamilton. “This project will enable our customers to have the fastest, most reliable, Internet service available without increasing prices.”

Fiber optic cables are made up of fine, flexible glass strands which use light to transmit data, allowing for data to travel at its fastest rates without degradation of service. Hamilton is pleased to be on the forefront of this technology as fiber to the home is not widely available across the country, especially in rural areas. This infrastructure will position Hamilton to continue to provide faster speeds and reliable service for many years to come.

Last summer, Hamilton began expanding its fiber network in Hampton. With that construction already in place, Hamilton will continue its work there, making Hampton the first community in the service area which will have fiber installed directly to every customer’s home. Hampton residents without Hamilton service can call now to ensure they receive services with fiber to the home when it is built in their neighborhood.

New data plans will be available for customers once they have fiber to the home. The new plans will be released this summer. For questions related to fiber service, please contact the business office at 402-694-5101 or complete a short online survey at to share with us more about your broadband needs.

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses seven primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.