July 25, 2019, Aurora, Neb. — Telecommunications Company expands Next Generation 9-1-1 focus through strategic collaboration with industry-leading organization.
Hamilton NG911, Inc., is pleased to announce its membership with the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), an organization that brings together leading companies involved in emergency communications and response technology. Hamilton NG911 was recognized as one of the newest members of the council during the NENA iCERT reception hosted at the 2019 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) National Conference & Expo in Orlando, June 16-19.

Dedicated to providing technological advancements in the emergency services industry, Hamilton NG911 has been involved with and presented to numerous government and industry organizations. Some of the company’s recent contributions include innovative technology presentations for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); participating on panels and leading discussion forums.; and exclusive solution demonstrations for industry leaders and elected representatives at the annual NG911 Technology Showcase in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Hamilton has collaborated with standards organizations in developing industry-wide standards for Next Generation 9-1-1 operations.

“We are pleased to join the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies and are proud to align with their commitment to affecting policy and achieving widespread customer accessibility for emergency services,” said Toni Dunne, ENP, National Account Manager of Hamilton NG911. “Hamilton NG911 is committed to industry-wide collaboration and education, which we believe is paramount to realizing the breadth of possibilities that Next Generation 9-1-1 service brings.”
Since its founding in 2005, iCERT remains the exclusive provider-only trade association championing commercial response technology organizations. “Each iCERT Board Member offers unique technology capabilities to advance public safety, just like Hamilton NG911,” said Kim Robert Scovill, the Industry Council’s Executive Director. “Establishing, maintaining, and growing relationships among key technology company leaders—the members of iCERT—is an important element of iCERT’s vision. We look forward to Hamilton NG911’s leadership in our mission to advocate for more new funding and introduction of the newest and best technologies in the public safety sector for first responders and the public.” iCERT improves the public safety ecosystem through continuous new funding advocacy, ensuring that the needs and views of commercial technology providers are recognized and accommodated by all levels of government, driving continuous technology improvements, education, and helping our members reach their organic and marketplace growth objectives.

About Hamilton NG911, Inc.
Hamilton NG911 provides reliable and innovative NG 9-1-1 core services utilizing a robust infrastructure and experience in mission critical IT service and support solutions. Hamilton NG911 helps public safety officials deliver a 9-1-1 service that allows emergency communications networks to accommodate modern communication mediums. Pairing NG 9-1-1 with new technology makes 9-1-1 more accessible than ever. Hamilton NG911 provides public safety answering point (PSAP) solutions that cover Next Generation Core Services (NGCS), Real-Time Text (RTT), text to and from 9-1-1, cyber security and more.
Hamilton NG911 is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.

About Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies
The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (“iCERT”) is the voice of commercial enterprises in the field of critical communications and emergency response technologies. iCERT plays an important role in addressing public policy issues impacting funding, regulation, and impact of vendors in the emergency calling, communications and response ecosystem. iCERT members understand that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policymakers and agency professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technology alternatives. Find out more at www.theindustrycouncil.org.

iCERT’s Mission
iCERT; 1) advocates for more and new public safety funding, 2) petitions all levels of government to insure that the needs and views of commercial technology providers be recognized and accommodated, 3) helps to grow members’ organic revenue, partnerships, and total market share with exclusive and unique iCERT business-to-business internal opportunities, 4) promotes understanding and adoption of advanced technologies in all public safety sectors – NG9-1-1, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Location Technologies, Communications Networks, CAD, Cloud-Based Systems, LTE, LMR, Recording, Dispatch, and Cybersecurity (to name a few); and 5) helps ensure that issues that unfairly burden or impede the introduction of new public safety / response technologies to the marketplace are explained and accommodated before decisions are made by federal, state, and local regulators.