May 24, 2021, Aurora, Neb. — Hamilton Telecommunications has announced its plans to expand fiber-optic infrastructure in Central City, making fiber to the home broadband available for all residents of the community.

“This is an exciting expansion to our existing fiber network and will enable us to deliver gigabit speeds to any home or business in Central City,” said John Nelson, Chief Executive Officer for Hamilton Telecommunications. “Hamilton has been delivering wireless internet service in Central City for more than 20 years, and more recently added fiber internet connections to select customers in and around Central City. Fiber is a vastly superior service and taking the next step to build out fiber to the remainder of the homes within the city limits is a great fit.”

Hamilton currently has fiber buried in Central City and the immediate surrounding area providing fiber to selected homes and businesses.  The initial fiber construction was developed to serve business customers.  In December, Hamilton completed fiber construction work made possible by a Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) grant, making fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) accessible for approximately 250 homes in Central City and the immediate surrounding areas.

“When we began construction in Central City this fall, we heard from many residents who wanted fiber but were not in the fiber construction area covered by the DED grant,” said Dan Molliconi, Chief Operating Officer for Hamilton. “We initially focused on construction to meet all timelines and requirements of that grant. Once that construction was complete, we began working with city and community leaders to find a way we could feasibly continue building our fiber-to-the-home network outside of that area.”

Hamilton has worked with the leadership of the Economic Development Corporation, the Central City Investment Club and the City on plans to construct fiber throughout Central City.  “We are grateful for the support we have received from Central City leadership and the financial commitment from the Investment Club,” said Hamilton’s Gary Warren. “We are so impressed by the vision that the leaders of Central City have and their commitment to the growth and betterment of this community. We are committed to making our communities great places to live, work and play and we look forward to bringing the fastest possible internet connections to even more homes through our fiber infrastructure.”

Economic Development Corporation President Brian Buhlke said, “For several years the Economic Development Corporation has identified fiber optic based high speed internet services as being a top priority for ensuring the future success of our community.  Central City now has a commitment by a Nebraska-based company to do a complete buildout of fiber to every location within Central City city limits.  This investment in broadband infrastructure will continue our path of growth and help us recruit and retain businesses and residents for years to come.”  Nick Ryan, who serves on the board of both the Development Corp. and as a member of the Investment Club commented, “It was gratifying to see the Investment Club play its role in making this happen for Central City.”

“Fiber-to-the-home broadband is the highest standard of Internet service and will dramatically increase the reliability, speeds and services Central City residents can receive for years, and even decades, to come,” said Molliconi.  “We know residents will have a choice for internet service providers and we are confident in the superiority of fiber broadband and our unsurpassed quality of customer care.”

Construction of this project has already begun and the company is currently boring the main line fiber necessary to bring fiber into each neighborhood.

Once fiber is completed in a neighborhood, Central City residents will have access to the same Hamilton services available to customers in Hamilton’s existing fiber-to-the-home communities, including data plans with speeds up to 1 Gig, managed wi-fi, Cobalt TV, and telephone service.  Central City residents who want to learn more or sign up for service can contact Hamilton at 402-694-5101.

The company is concurrently in the middle of a multi-year fiber construction process to deliver fiber-to-the-home internet to 100% of customers in the communities and rural areas of Aurora, Hampton, Giltner, Marquette, Hordville, Stockham, Phillips, Doniphan and Trumbull. The company has separate crews working on both projects to maintain the timelines set for delivering fiber-to-the-home in those communities as well as in Central City.  The company is currently looking to hire for multiple positions including fiber installers and help desk technicians and is willing to train the right candidates.  To learn more or apply online, visit

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.