January 25, 2019, Aurora, Neb. — Hamilton Telecommunications, a leading technology and telecommunications company, has announced that they are now delivering even faster Internet speeds through fiber to the homes and businesses in the company’s telephone exchange area. The new speed tiers increase internet speeds dramatically with the highest tier delivering up to 1 Gig in the Whole Home Gig plan.  Whole Home Gig delivers speeds that are eight times faster than the top speed previously offered and ranks among the fastest in the industry.

“With these new speeds, we are doubling, quadrupling and even quintupling the customer’s download speeds without increasing our pricing,” said John Nelson, CEO of Hamilton Telecommunications. “Having Whole Home Gig is an exciting advancement, and we are proud to offer the fastest, most reliable internet service to our customers.  The top tiers will offer download speeds that are as fast as or faster than is generally available to individuals in most large cities.”

The three top speed tiers increase to 50 Mbps download/ 25 Mbps upload; 250 Mbps download/ 50 Mbps Upload; and Whole Home 1 Gig download/ 250 Mbps upload. These increased speeds allow Hamilton fiber to the home customers to choose the best speeds for their household needs and allow customers to have multiple devices online by multiple users simultaneously without experiencing slowdown in their internet connection.

“We know that customers are connecting more devices to their home wireless network than ever before,” said Nelson. “We are increasing speeds now to make sure we are situated to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers for many years to come. We continue to work diligently through our construction process and truly appreciate our customers’ support and enthusiasm throughout this process.”

Over the past year, Hamilton continued construction in Hampton and Aurora in order to bring fiber to the home of each the customers in their local exchange area. Early this year, Hamilton will continue construction and installation to residential homes in the city limits of Aurora, while construction crews will start the first step to deliver fiber to the home to Doniphan customers.

To learn more about the new speed tiers or fiber to the home, visit www.Hamilton.net/fiber-to-the-home or call 402-694-5101.

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses seven primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.