Connecting Your World Since 1901:

Get to Know Hamilton Telecommunications

As a leader in the telecommunications industry for over 120 years, Hamilton Telecommunications is proud of our heritage and our long history of connecting and serving individuals across the country. We are a diversified telecommunications and technology service provider, and we operate on a local, regional and national basis to serve both residential and business customers as well as Relay and NG911 communities. Beginning as a local telephone cooperative in Aurora, NE, Hamilton Telecommunications has grown to serve a wide range of customers across the United States. We provide local fiber, telephone and cable TV services to our ever-growing customer base along with state-of-the-art business IT services and management. As one of nine primary divisions within Hamilton Telecommunications corporate structure, Hamilton Relay is a leader in the deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind communities, and we are honored to provide services and innovative technologies to all individuals. As we look to the future and another 120 years, Hamilton Telecommunications will continue to bring new and innovative products to the market while serving our customers with our core telecommunications products. We= look forward to “Connecting Your World” for years to come.