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“I called a friend using CapTel®, and it was great not to guess about what I was hearing,” Vannoy says. “I immediately felt a sense of confidence. “It was a big step forward,” says Scott. “I now have confidence that I can converse with engineers and managers without experiencing problems or distractions. Making business calls is so much easier for me now. Not only does relay service make a difference- it can change your life.”

Scott Vannoy

“Hamilton does a good job of staying up on issues in the technical field. They are specialists in many high-tech areas that would be way too costly for us to staff and manage on our own.”

A client in the Agricultural Industry

“I knew them and I knew that their people would take care of us. I trust them.”

A client in the Education Industry

“My phone would be of no use to me if it were not for the captions. It is a blessing for anyone with a hearing loss, not only one as severe as mine.”

F. Amann, New York

“At Hamilton, they take their services very seriously; our information is redundant, backed up and reliable. We haven’t had a hardware glitch since we contracted with them. Getting information to our customers in a timely manner is critical to my business.”

A client in the wholesale industry

“They have a very good support group. We deal with sharp people who take care of our needs and are not afraid to tell us how they can help us further. They understand our business.”

A client in the Wholesale Industry

“Their operations are flexible and available on-call anytime day or night. We had an install earlier this week that literally lasted an entire 12-hour day. We never could have handled that as easily without them right there staying on it until it was resolved.”

A client in the Agricultural Industry

“Hamilton CapTel makes a huge difference both in my husband’s professional and private life. Communicating over the phone would be impossible without it.”

S. Frieder, New York
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